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Google Ads

Google Ads management and optimization

Appear at the top of the search results thanks to paid positioning and through a certified Google Partner agency.

Google Ads

Google Expertise

Google Ads requires a lot of vigilance: it is a constantly evolving tool. Only a competent and qualified person for the management of Ads campaigns can take maximum advantage of its use.

Google Ads

Advantages of Google Ads

Google Targeting

Google displays your ad every time a user performs a search that matches your targeting (keyword, sector, time, etc.).
Two main advantages of Google Adwords:
– You only pay when people click on your ad (cost per click);
– You have the power to stop your ads whenever you want concrete results

Concrete results

Internet users tend to click on the results appearing in first or second position when searching on the Web. We create targeted advertising campaigns on Google so that your company improves its positioning and stands out from the competition. This way, Internet users will naturally give more importance to your company.

How to choose your Google Ads expert?

It is common to see advertising agencies taking a commission when managing Ads campaigns. This commission, often hidden or poorly defined by the agency, can represent up to 35% of the budget invested by the client. At Plus Humain we don’t charge any commission, we propose a fixed fee instead.

The results of Ads campaigns are constantly evolving based on Web trends. That’s why it’s important to set time-bound goals and adjust them as needed. Our agency pays particular and regular attention to Web advertising campaigns in order to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Only a qualified person for Ads campaign management can benefit from this tool. At Plus Humain, you can rest assured that you will always meet the expert responsible for your project.

Inquire about the agency’s client base. If the clients have the same profile as you, such as entrepreneurs and SMEs, it’s a good sign. This indicates that Plus Humain™ will certainly be a qualified agency to meet your needs.