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Expert in SEO and natural referencing

Since 2010, the Plus Humain™ team has specialized in web SEO (search engine optimization). We focus on listening carefully to our clients’ needs in order to optimize the achievement of their goals.


Benefits of SEO (natural referencing)

Greatly improved performance

Our team’s advice has helped more than 250 companies improve their performance on the Web. In addition, we diligently follow Google’s SEO best practices, which allowed our agency to survive the 2012 Google algorithm update.

An optimal return on investment

Why should SEO be part of any advertising strategy? Up to 50% of a website’s traffic can come from search engines. It is therefore a highly profitable strategy for generating quality traffic.

How to choose your SEO expert?

A web referencing agency guarantees you first position in a record time? Beware.
 It is impossible to guarantee first position in the search results
The implementation of an effective SEO strategy is normally spread over the medium or long term.

How to ensure the expertise of an agency? Rely on its three main criteria to ensure the quality of the projects undertaken.
– The complexity of the projects
– The competitive environment of its clients when taken on
– The current positioning of its clients.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the number of years of experience in Web referencing of the agency. At Plus Humain, our team has a combined experience of over 19 years.

Understanding the needs of your business online requires expertise in various fields. A high-performing Web referencing agency should be able to easily adapt its strategy to your objectives and provide you with maximum results.

The first 3 positions of Google generate nearly 60% of clicks

1st position

32% of clicks via computer go to the first position in Google search results.

2nd position

16% of clicks via computer go to the second position in the search results Google search results.

3rd position

10% of clicks via computer go to the third position in Google search results.

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Digital Marketing Analysis

“FREE analysis of your SEO needs”

Our method of identifying opportunities? A comprehensive analysis of popular keywords and your website’s current positioning. This way, all opportunities are seized and the web referencing strategy is optimal.