Plus Humain™

Plus Humain™

We help clinics thrive.

By reinventing the customer experience in the medical sector, we aim to create more humane campaigns for outstanding professionals.

Dr. Amanda Fanous, Client since 2010.


Strategies based on the human being.

At Plus Humain, we offer an approach that enables taking concrete actions. Therefore, we alternate between the phases of research, analysis, and discussion to advance the best recommendations, which will be influenced by the objectives we gather during contextualization.

Our purpose

Since 2010, we have been helping healthcare entrepreneurs thrive by developing marketing strategies that study human behavior. Our approach has allowed us to play a key role in achieving business goals for over 250 clinics nationwide.

Performance and profitability

Creating sustainable prosperity for our clients by optimizing their performance and profitability while remaining true to our human commitment.

Integrity and ethics

Practicing respectful, transparent, and ethical medical marketing towards our clients and the patients they serve.

Excellence and innovation

Continuously seek innovative marketing solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients in the medical field.

NIOS Clinic, Client since 2022​


Propel your future

Our ClinicGrowth+ growth plans enable you to propel your clinic or practice by implementing a patient generation system where results and experience are paramount.

Our clients

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