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Plus Humain™

Founded by medical enthusiasts

Passionate about marketing trends, our approach goes beyond growth and accolades.

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Our dedicated humans

Medical marketing experts

At Plus Humain, we collaborate with passionate individuals who are inspired by marketing trends both locally and globally. We encourage the sharing of ideas and teamwork where each person’s personal and professional experience propels our projects further.

Mathieu Beaudriault

Co-founder, Senior Consultant accredited in MedElite™

Aracely Espinoza-Guzman

Co-founder, Director of Digital Design accredited in MedElite™

Jasmin Mailloux

Financial Director accredited in MedElite™

Dr Nabil Fanous M.D., O.R.L., F.R.C.S.(C)

Board Member, Medical Advisor to the Management accredited in MedElite™

Pierre Ouellette

Senior Business Development Consultant accredited in MedElite™

Marie-Ève Berthiaume

Director of Organization and Development accredited in MedElite™

Pierre-Luc Poliseno

Senior Organizational Analysis Consultant accredited in MedElite™

Noémie Carrière

Account Manager, Platinum Concierge accredited in MedElite™

Cathy-Ann Gagnon

Director of Customer Experience, Platinum Concierge accredited in MedElite™

Jennifer Quintero Vélez

Director of Technology

Marie-Ève Taillefer

Director of Digital Marketing

Meryem Bouia

Design Director

Gaudreault Rhéaume Audioprothésiste, Client since 2020

Our purpose

Performance and profitability

Our goal is not only to enhance your performance and increase your profitability but also to ensure that this growth remains long-term. We remain true to our deep commitment, recognizing that behind every business decision are human beings. Therefore, we place your needs, aspirations, and well-being at the heart of our initiatives.

Our purpose

Integrity and ethics

For us, every marketing action we undertake is aimed at respecting the patients who depend on your services. We understand our responsibilities and strive to be open and honest, with a focus on well-being and information. By adopting this approach, we hope to contribute to an environment where trust prevails and where the needs of patients are always at the forefront.

Les Binocles, Client since 2018

Dr. Daniel Guberman, Client since 2022

Our purpose

Excellence and innovation

In the face of an ever-evolving sector, we are committed to actively and continuously seeking innovative solutions. By adopting a proactive and adaptive approach, we aim to ensure that our solutions are not only innovative but also effective and relevant.

We are proud to announce that the majority of our experts have been recognized with our MedElite™ Certification, attesting to their excellence and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service in the field of medical affairs. This accreditation illustrates our dedication to providing top-quality services, ensuring our clients an exceptional experience with every interaction.

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