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Social Network Advertising

Social media offers different types of advertising depending on the objectives of each company. Whether it’s for awareness, sales or loyalty campaigns, social media advertising is designed to reinforce each pillar of your marketing.


Expert in social network advertising

If you want to gain visibility or notoriety among your target customers, promotion on social networks will be your ally. This type of advertising is very broad, flexible and accessible and adapts to any type of clinic that wants to address their potential customer directly.


Type of advertising


For quite some time now, when we publish organic content on a company page, we get almost no engagement. Due to the gradual algorithm change on Facebook since 2018, natural posts on company pages have lost a lot of reach, so it’s advisable to “boost” them so that your target audience or others can see them.


While targeting on Instagram is as precise as Facebook, this social network has a much younger and hipper user base. If you want to reach millennials, we would definitely opt for advertising on Instagram.

Digital Marketing Analysis

“FREE analysis of your social media advertising needs”

A social media audit provides an overview of the elements that affect the effectiveness of your social networks. By focusing on the needs of your target audience, social media analysis will allow you to know what content to offer to attract and engage them.